Hi friends! I am excited to bring this blog to you. For 2 months I have been leading a small group at my church, Maryville Vineyard. The idea behind the group is cooking with a purpose, to make a meal for our family and at the same time have a meal ready to give to a family that needs a little pick me up. We gather together, prepare a meal, up to the point of actually cooking, and leave with 2 meals. One to prepare at home for our family and one to stick in the freezer. That freezer meal is on hand for when the need arises. Whether it is through Meal Train, Take Them A Meal or just a neighbor, family member, someone from church, work or school, we are ready to bless!

How many times do you find yourself overwhelmed with the needs of those around you as well as your own? Wouldn’t it be great to stash a meal in the freezer once a week so it is ready and you can just say, without batting an eye at your own to-do list, “here you go”!

The recipes you will find here are certainly not my own and I will provide links to each one as well as suggested preparation and some easy sides.

Will you come along with me on this journey?